Asociación BPD

As sister organizations, Asociación BPD (ABPD) and ALDEA carry out the important grassroots development work outlined in our joint Strategic Plan.

how we work together

ALDEA’s primary role is raising funds in the United States to support ABPD’s work on the ground in Guatemala. ABPD field staff come from the same areas in which we work, and therefore have intimate knowledge and connection to the language and culture of our partner Mayan Kaqchikel communities. All of our work in the communities is carried out in the Kaqchikel language.

Your donation to ALDEA benefits the work we carry out together with ABPD.

ABPD field staff come from the same areas in which we work, and therefore have intimate knowledge and connection to the language and culture of our partner Mayan Kaqchikel communities.

how we work on the ground

Staff of our sister organization in Guatemala, Asociación BPD (ABPD). Our ABPD staff work on the ground in villages in the Department of Chimaltenango, implementing our vital programs through these positions:

Executive Director

Coordinates the whole integrated approach in the communities and from the office, making sure all the staff work together to achieve the organization’s goals. Directly supervises the administrative staff and the two field supervisors. Raises funds and serves as the main contact for the Board of Directors and donors in Guatemala, and accompanies donors and visitors to the field..


Ensures all procedures for transparency and accountability are set up and working properly. Coordinates with the field staff to guarantee all resources are used efficiently, keeps operations at the ABPD office running smoothly, and organizes logistics for meetings and visits.


Responsible for all of the organization’s accounting, providing financial follow-up for the different projects, receiving all inputs at the office, and making payments to suppliers. Also handles all tax payments and compliance with legal requirements.

Field Supervisor 1

Supervises the work of the Family Planning and Home Visits Specialist, Program Support Social Worker, and Sanitation Technician. Also oversees all the water projects, coordinating with communities and local governments.

Field Supervisor 2

Supervises the work of the Social Worker, Agriculture Technician, and Nutrition Educator. Also oversees the monitoring and evaluation program. Coordinates the collection of information in the communities by all field staff, works with local promoters to do monitoring every two months, and does monitoring visits.

Sanitation Technician

Responsible for the training, construction, and follow-up for all sanitation infrastructure including latrines, gray water filters, and efficient stoves.

Nutrition Education

Facilitates trainings and demonstrations with women on how to improve the diet of their children through breastfeeding and using locally available produce. Conducts monthly anthropometric evaluations of children under two years old.

Family Planning & Home Visits Specialist

Makes home visits in all the communities where ABPD works, following up on cases of chronic childhood malnutrition. Also offers personal counseling to women and men interested in family planning, providing family planning methods and coordinating with other organizations to serve people interested in long-term or permanent options.

Agriculture Technician

Responsible for the agricultural activities in the field. Provides training, demonstrations, and follow-up related to family gardens, corn and bean production, adaptation of agriculture to climate change, improvement of crop storage, and goat breeding.

Program Support Social Worker

Responsible for supporting local promoters in leading the development process in their communities after the first year of intervention. Provides training to the promotors and supports them in agriculture, community empowerment, family planning, and nutrition activities.

Social Worker

Provides training to local authorities, women, and youth to help them take charge of their own development process. Facilitates trainings in leadership, self-esteem, human rights, women and youth’s specific rights, obligations of committees, regulations, etc.

Maintenance Person

Responsible for keeping the office in perfect condition for day-to-day activities.